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My Sculptures: 


Race horse

Race Horse:

This is a kinetic sculpture that simulates a horse during a race

Aluminum with steel base. 21 inches tall by 26 inches wide

This is a much improved sculpture from the previous “Galloping horse” that can be seen

further down the page.  After further intensive study of actual horses during races, much

effort was spent in modifying the mechanism to produce a  life like and lively action.

Click here to see horse in action

Swirl: Steel 20 inches tall

The icosidodecahedron was built with 1/8 inch steel to ensure the flatness of the surfaces.   This project was conceived during the record setting hot Seattle summer days in 2009.  The original plan was to paint the two arms  red orange to simulate the flames of summer with  the center icosidodecahedron representing the ‘qi’ swirling around in the heat.  I finally decided on a bluish green tinge representing the cooling wind that swirls around and  cooling it.

Seal: Steel 21 inches tall.

This is the first sculpture I made.  The steel round ball was made with 8 pieces of metal and forged into a round shape.

Cyclone: Aluminum 15 inches tall.

This is inspired by witnessing global warming .  Every summer, I go boating in my boat.  This summer, I went to Barkley  sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.  For many previous visits, there were plenty of  healthy mussels.  This year, the mussels beds were strangled by overgrown sea weeds.  Global warming?  This lead to the natural disaster theme.

Boat: Steel/copper 16 inches tall.

As in Punt.

Wind mobil: Aluminum/ Stainless steel 21 inches diameter.

Reminds me of green energy and wind turbines. The aluminum turbine blades and the center polished stainless steel octahedron can rotate independent of each other.

Click here to see Wind Mobil spinning

Spring: Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel 20 inches tall

This sculpture was conceived during Easter weekend in 2010.  The name denotes both the physical spiral spring that forms the base, as well as the concept of “renewal” during Spring time.  It symbolize the rise of life force.

Celebration: Aluminum, steel and stainless steel 5 ft. 10 inches tall

The two counter-rotating sets of blades invokes the feeling of firework display.  The heavy steel base is in the form of a compass rose.  The smooth central axle allows movement with the slightest air movement.

Click here to see “Celebration” in motion

Sails: Aluminum and Steel 18 inches wide, 17 inches tall

Skater: Steel 66 inches tall

Currently on loan, displayed at Shoreline City Hall

Double Sails: Aluminum and Steel 18 inches by 17 inches

Dancer: Aluminum

Unravel: Aluminum 40 inches by 40 inches

Double C – Kinetic wind sculpture. Aluminum

Click here to see “Double C” kinetic wind sculpture in action

Giraffe – Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum 12″ tall

Torch – Aluminum, Stainless steel

Wind powered kinetic sculpture

Click here to see sculpture in motion

Scale of Hearts: Steel, Stainless steel

This piece was inspired when we were preparing for an Egypt river cruise, which unfortunately did not happen due to the revolution in that country.

In the sculpture, there are elements suggestive of the pyramid, Nile river, and river boat.

Egyptian “book of the dead” depicts a heart weighing ritual when the pharoh’s heart is weighted during his passage.

Twinkling stars: Steel and Stainless steel

When placed on a table, the slightest vibration would make the stars twinkle

Notches:  Steel 30 inches tall

Iceberg: Aluminum 16 inches tall, Steel light box 3 inches tall

Bloom: Aluminum and Stainless steel wind kinetic sculpture 80 inches tall.

Click here to see bloom rotation

Celestial Portal: Aluminum 33 inches tall

A recent visit to Tien Moon Dong at Zhangjiajie in China inspired creation of this sculpture.  There is a natural rock arch, high up in the mountain with 999 steps leading straight up to the opening beneath the arch.  As one ascends the steps, it is like walking up towards the heavens.

Treasure Bowl  宝盆: Aluminum 24″x20″x10″

The bowel is shaped like a cyclone, which is a low pressure center that has tremendous suction effect.  This suction force will concentrate treasures from all around.

Peacock:  steel 17 inches tall

Embrace: steel 30 inches tall

Horse Gallop 马到功成 : Aluminum 26″x20″

Click here to see horse gallop

“Dragon”: Stainless Steel 16″ tall 9″ wide

For the Year of the Dragon.  This captures the spirit of the dragon twisting and soaring towards the sky.

The following is a series of 4 small format scultpures:

“Wind surfer”: Aluminum glass and marble, 5 inches tall

“Recycle”: Aluminum 5 inches tall

“Thunder Bird” : Aluminum and Glass 5 inches tall

“Blue Ray” : Aluminum and glass 5 inches tall

Soaring: Aluminum and Steel 53″ tall

“Formula”: Aluminum mobil.  30 inches wide

After a well known scientific formula although it looks like clouds, sun, mountain and bird

“Sentry”: Steel. 5′ 7″ tall

Won Second price at First Annual Mercer Island Community Center Juried Art Exhibit.

“Star Bright”: Aluminum with quartz clock mechanism, 22 inches x 22 inches

Won Third price at 2012 MIVAL Holiday Art Exhibit

“Flower”: Steel, Stainless steel and glass 12 x 24 inches

“Star Burst”: Aluminum with quartz clock mechanism.  22 inch diameter


“Ball player” : Steel 7′ 8″ tall Currently on loan display at

Shoreline Sculpture park near shoreline city hall


“Flame” : Aluminum wind kinetic sculpture

Click here to see sculpture spin


The following are available for sale, please enquire at 206-232-5977 or email kevinau01@yahoo.com

Seal $480; Swirl $680; Cyclone $590; Boat $90

Spring $390; Skater $980; Sails $180

Double Sails   $180; Dancer   $1080; Unravel   $480

Twinkling stars  $190; Torch $480; Notches $420

 Bloom  $580; Celestial Portal $420Treasure Bowl $720

Embrace $690;  Soaring $490;

Wind surfer $40, Recycle $40, Thunder bird $40

Formula $190, Sentry $985, Star Bright $190, Flower $120,

Star Burst $250; Ball player $1700; Race horse $2700


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